Women can be emotional. Weepy.  Unintelligible.  However, that doesn’t mean that we only want to watch movies that match our bizarre sensibilities.  This blog is dedicated to providing an open-minded perspective on films from all genres (though, admittedly, provided by a weepy, unintelligible woman).  Please sit back and enjoy; you might find a title that tickles your fancy–even if you’re not a woman yourself.

My rating system:

Weepy meter (10 possible points): the likelihood that you’ll cry when watching this movie.  I cry at everything (Transformers.  Anything that Hans Zimmer composed for.  It’s pathetic.  My family hates watching movies with me because of my sobbing and sniffling), so this is an interesting rating.  If I rate it highly likely, say, an 8, you may think, this girl has some serious medication issues, because no one who isn’t on Prozac would ever cry at this.  But that’s how I roll.  Adjust your scale accordingly.

Man meter (10 possible): the likelihood that a man (read: your man, a man friend, the random booze-hound you grabbed at the pub on your way to the theater to keep from looking like a dateless loser) will watch the movie with you.  Please remember that I’m trying for an action-horror-drama-western-GUY-movie page here; I want you to see movies with a guy, and guy movies are way more fun to talk about afterwards over an adult beverage; chick flicks just make the girls weepi-ER and the guys want to take a shot of something 90 proof and slam their head through a wall.  This is for the good of society, ladies.

Overall rating:  (10 possible)  I really tried to keep my personal prejudices out of this, but there are VERY few movies that I’ve seen that are lower than a 5.  Seriously.  Maybe it’s because of my frighteningly optimistic attitude (ego-centric much?  Naaaaahhh….), but I really can find something to like about most movies.  Except Cirque du Freak.  Really.  So anyway:  out of 10, this is what I think most people would rate the movie.  I would put an 8 or higher on everything if I could, but I need to try to stay realistic…

Also:  old movies are coming!  Not just from the 60s and 70s…I’m talking Kate Hepburn/Jimmy Stewart/Joan Crawford old.  Might throw in some westerns too…and some kiddie flicks!  I like lots of movies.  I hope you do too (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog, right?), so here’s to fun reading and fun movies!


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