Hunter Page-Lochard as Koen West

Rob Collins as Waruu West

Tysan towney as Djukara

Also appearing: Frances O’Connor (as a doctor), Iain Glen (as a TV producer?)

Directed by Wayne Blair


I don’t know what’s going on south of the equator, but there are some seriously interesting stories about racial/special clashes.  Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 (2009), for example.  Well, Australia is getting in on the business as well.


Cleverman introduces the Hairies as an oppressed group in Sydney, looking for sympathetic members of the “Human” population to help them.  Koen West is one of these helpers, but after he resettles a family, all hell breaks loose.  The Hairy/Human struggle is undoubtedly going to be exponentially worse in the next few episodes.  Enter Koen’s uncle Jimmy, a Cleverman.  He imparts some words of wisdom to Waruu, Koen’s brother, leaves some strange artifacts for Koen, then heads off to the beach, where he lights a fire and is promptly killed by an unseen beast.  In the aftermath, Koen develops some interesting “skills”.


I’m a fan of new shows.  I’m also sad when I only get one season, because I get into the show and then it goes away?!  No.  Not okay.  Humans, on AMC, is a perfect example of this.  Hopefully, Cleverman maintains enough interest to keep running; it’s also on Sundance TV, so that might help.  Fingers crossed!


I am enjoying several elements of the show so far:

  • soundtrack.  It’s fun to have an edgier score to balance out all of the orchestral pieces in shows today.  The sets and locations are pretty gritty and hardcore,  so it matches well.
  • characters.  Koen sucks, TBH.  I hope he learns a thing or two, now that he’s got these “abilities”.  We’re also going to see much more of Ms. O’Connor and Mr. Glen as the show progresses, of course.  In this episode they had about 48 seconds of screen time each.
  • story.  There’s going to be some “ancient mythology” (IMDb plot summary) showing up.  I dig the back stories for characters; hopefully it’s a good one.  So far, I’m hooked, which for a pilot episode, that’s really all you can hope for.


Stay tuned; I’m headed to the UK next week, so I might not get to see a couple of the episodes, but I’ll do my best to stay caught up online.

Yay original TV!

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