A Tricky Treat
Directed by Patricia Chica
This is quite a unique take on a fun Halloween tradition. A man is kidnapped by a family, and the horror that he undergoes would be truly horrifying if it weren’t for the amazing twist. Be mindful next time you purchase jack-o-lanterns.

Night of the Slasher—Winner of the 2016 IHSFF Best Horror Short Award
Directed by Shant Hamassian
You know that list of things you’re not supposed to do in a horror film? Well, our heroine is desperate to do each and every one of them. She’s seeking revenge after a horrible ordeal, and nearly gets her chance to exact it in this unique, shot-in-one-take film. So cool. I agree with the award whole-heartedly. A highly impressive film.

Directed by Emiliano Ranzani
On the streets in Italy, a young woman is running from her enemy. A small-time criminal and a man in dark clothes converge with the woman, but one of them is not what he/she seems to be. Cool twist, beautifully filmed. Not hard to do in Italy, right?


The Voodoo Dick
Directed by Daniel McDonald
Ever heard this joke? Yeah, me too. It was overused before you even heard the punchline. Such is this film. A man is going out of town, so he buys a gift for his wife to keep her occupied while he’s gone. There are serious repercussions for those who hear about the gift and are cynical. Almost repulsive. Can’t believe someone spent money to make this. Sigh. Youths.

Larry Gone Demon
Directed by Matthew John Lawrence
So Larry is a demon. He’s still living upstairs with his roomies, but they’re not to terribly excited to go collect rent from him. They get thrown into a rough situation, however, and it becomes necessary to visit the creep. It all works out in the end, though. Much too long—we know he’s a demon. Let’s get to the story.


Directed by Matt Cooper
HILARIOUS story about why you can’t trust technology. The given synopsis: “be careful who you piss off”. Loved it. Yes, folks, it’s rude to be on your phone ALL. THE. TIME. Too bad this option isn’t available now for use against these brats.

Bad Blood
Directed by Aleksandra Lagkueva
A new take on the immortal vampire tale. A beautiful woman seduces a killer of women and takes her revenge, whilst simultaneously elongating her own existence. Beautiful, if unoriginal, film.


Little Old Cat Lady from Rancho Cucamonga
Directed by Stephen James Thomas
Yes, that’s the title. Georgie Pie is the demonic protagonist, who exacts revenge on the high school criminals that broke into his owner’s home and beat her senseless. Super cheesy, with funky effects, but highly entertaining. BAD kitty.

20 Matches
Directed by Mark Tapio Kines
This would be one hell of a feature. A woman tells the story of a serial killer who killed one woman per year over the last 20 years. She is seen only by match light—one match for each victim. A very unique idea. Here’s hoping it gets developed. I’d totally pay to watch it.


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