Charlize Theron as Furiosa
Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky
Nicholas Hoult as Nux
Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe
Co-written and directed by George Miller

Boy oh boy oh boy is George Miller back! Woohoo! What a ride. I think this might be my favorite movie of the year. I did miss a few big ones, but this still stands out from some of the others.

Max gets captured by the war boys and ends up in the middle of a desperate escape plan. Teamwork, trust, and some solid integrity in the face of desperation definitely pay off for the main characters.

Holy practical effects, Batman! I mean, seriously—pole cats, huge drum-speaker trucks, vehicle explosions?! This is a total geek-out session for effects nerds (like me).

What else stood out, in a movie that really has nothing wrong with it?
• The action. Kind of hard to miss, considering it NEVER STOPS. EVER. Vehicle chases. People chasing people. People getting snatched from vehicles with various apparatuses. And the stress added by the locations. Yeah, that sandstorm was basically CG (duh, right?). But oh MAN. Who drives into that stuff? Crazy people, that’s who. And really good drivers.
• The characters. You don’t need a ton of flashbacks, or a nice, cozy, sit-down scene to figure out backgrounds. There were some quiet moments for that, but they were about 45 seconds long. Max is a mystery, but basically a good guy. Furiosa is so smart. Nux is whacko, but also a good guy. Joe is nuts. The girls are even nuts in their own way. And it’s AWESOME. Nothing better to make a successful post-apocalyptic world than to populate it with a bunch of crazy people.
• The CARS. It’s like Miller just said, “go put some stuff together and show me” and they did. Because they’re absolutely incredible. In a world that values gasoline equally with water, you’d expect the vehicles to be pretty important. The War Rig. The car with the tank treads. The Volkswagon Beetle shell on the back of the War Rig. So much fun!

Weepy Meter: 2/10 What? It’s a heart-wrenching situation! People die! The score is super moving! I’m a wuss!
Man Meter: 10/10 It’s everything. He’s seen it. He probably owns it.
Overall Rating: 10/10 WHOA. Right? I know! But yes. I loved it. I watched it with my mother, who is of the Anne of Green Gables, Babe, and Galaxy Quest bent. It’s so good that SHE loves it. Trust me on this.

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