Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn

Jeremy Renner as William Brandt

Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust (LOVE it!)

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie

Ethan Hunt is now wanted by the CIA since the IMF is about to be pronounced DOA (not really.  I just wanted to play with acronyms).  Super cool twist?  His Ghost Protocol pals Brandt and Dunn are now working for the CIA.  But Ethan is still looking for the Syndicate, hoping to vindicate himself while simultaneously stopping the most covert terrorist operation the world has ever seen.  So we have some fun in various cities and do some ridiculously unrealistic stunts in the hopes that Ethan can get what he’s looking for.

I do not like Tom Cruise.  Unless he’s Jerry Maguire.  He’s like Kevin Costner in my eyes—he’s been in some really amazing movies, but he’s not the amazing part.

So why in the HELL would I spend money on this?

You did see the other names, right?  I was hoping they would water down Mr. C.  They were successful.

What else worked?

  • The story. So many twists and turns.
  • The action sequences. The MI franchise is nothing if not action-packed.  I caught myself commenting on choices made by the actors, i.e. “hey—you don’t have kneepads on!”.
  • The thought that maybe we’d FINALLY figure out what’s going on with the Syndicate. How many more movies do we need before something makes sense?
  • The villain. Sean Harris (Prometheus, Deliver Us from Evil) is excellent.  The similarities between him and Simon Pegg are more than a little unnerving.
  • Location, location, location. Umm, hello.    Of course I love it.  I watched the second most recent Fast & Furious installment (what was it? 17? 38?  Whatever) because it was set in London.  London makes every potentially meh movie (so far) palatable.

Weepy Meter:  0/10  Nope.

Man Meter: 9/10 It’s Mission: Impossible.  Inside every guy is a little boy who wants DESPERATELY to do the dangerous thing, even though mom will kill him if he even tries it.  This feeds the fire.

Overall Rating:  7/10  Generous, I know.  Enough was going on, and enough excellent supporting roles filled by more than competent actors, that Mr. Cruise really didn’t bug me.  He threw some eyebrows on occasion, so that probably dropped it from an 8.  Good fun.

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