Do I need to put the cast in every time? It’s not like it changes…
I’ll just do the newbies, shall I?

Russell Tovey as Henry Knight
Amelia Bullmore as Dr. Stapleton
Clive Mantle as Dr. Frankland

Synopsis: time to get spooky! Sherlock is still bored, but slightly more famous. He gets some very interesting requests for help, i.e. Kirsty needs help finding her glow-in-the-dark rabbit. While he’s complaining and fidgeting and driving John bonkers, a new potential client shows up and gives enough information for Sherlock to leave London (gasp!) to determine the location of a gigantic hound and figure out why so many weird things happen out in creepy Dewer’s Hollow.

LOVE getting out of London (I know, I know…) on occasion. Lestrade agrees with me. Beautiful country, small villages, pubs…fantastic. The thrilling nature of the story is right up my alley. Really enjoyed this one; it was a nice change from the strange, dramatic, non-/emotional previous episode. Very exciting.

Fun stuff:
• Sherlock’s bizarre behavior when Henry shows up. Here we thought he was doing well with his nicotine patches…
• The lab break-in. It absolutely FLOORS me that Sherlock can break the law in so many forms and he gets away with it. The benefit of having a brother in the government, I suppose.
• John in the lab with the hound. Freaked me the hell out. So scary!
• Sherlock’s reaction to his first trip to the Hollow, and his very quick renouncement of friendship, and the subsequent “apology”, followed by…whatever. Sherlock sucks with emotions.
• UMQRA. Heh. Heh heh.

Weepy Meter: 0/10 Nope. Not even me. It’s pretty creepy, but not so much so that you’d cry about it.

Man Meter: 10/10 I really think he’ll like this one, even without the naked women. Very suspenseful.

Overall Rating: 9/10 Some of the supporting cast leave a bit to be desired (does John have to hit on someone in EVERY episode?), but it’s still really, really good. Such fun.

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