Welcome to Season 2. Glad you could stop by. Unless you’re in the fandom, in which case IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME, BBC!


Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock
Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson
Mark Gatiss as Mycroft
Lara Pulver as the Woman

“Go on. Impress a girl.”

Synopsis: We meet a new villain during a quick review of S1E3, at the pool with Jim. He’s crazy, by the way. Cut to a new case—a hiker is killed in the middle of nowhere by…
…hold on a sec…

Nobody cares.

This is the sex episode. And boy, is it SEXY. Nicely done, Messrs. Moffat and Gatiss.

We meet the Woman. She’s kind of a (naked) badass. Extremely confident, resourceful, well-connected. And Sherlock has NO idea what to do with her. That’s probably the best part about Scandal.

Well, that, and the text alert noise.

What else makes this my favorite of the nine (yes, I’ve seen all 3 seasons. Several times. You shouldn’t be surprised)?

• The Christmas party. Violin music, drinks, Molly. And Sherlock the Dickhead.
• John FINALLY gets to beat up his flatmate. Makes him cry.
• Sherlock feels. He feels so much he tosses a guy out a window. And head-butts people. Pistol-whips others. Not too good with emotions, this man.
• Buckingham palace. “Get. Off. My. Sheet.” DIED.
• New music. The romantic theme (which I suspect we won’t be hearing much of in the coming seasons) is great. Powerful.

There’s a meme on the internet based on the last scene of this episode. It’s hilarious. Check it out. After you watch A Scandal in Belgravia.

Weepy Meter: 4/10 There are some emotions. If Sherlock can feel, you might tear up. I did…

Man Meter: 8/10 If he’s smart, he will watch this. Not only to prove that he’s smart (because smart people watch smart TV), but because there’s a naked woman in it. Duh. Oh, and some violence.

Overall Rating: 10/10 Told you it was my favorite. Lots of fun sets, great writing (as usual), and sexy.

Definitely the new sexy.

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