I was really excited about this movie; it was my first film after the opening night event at the Phoenix Film Festival. Read on…


Kurt Ela as Nick
Rachael Drummond as Mary
Suzanne Sena as Joanne
Andy Hoff as Tommy
Written and Directed by Alex Drummond

Synopsis: Nick and Mary are headed to Joanne’s for Mary’s baby shower, attended by their closest friends. There are some pretty odd characters in attendance, including the WORST party clown EVER. Every couple and individual has some drama, just to make things interesting. The most exciting part happens when a neighbor comes to the door, covered in blood, looking for refuge. Then the clown comes back. He bites somebody. Blood starts to happen. Messes are made. Ultimately, we never discover why blood and messes are going on, but by the end, we’ve weeded out the unsavory characters and the only ones left are the cockroaches after a nuclear blast.

This was one of the silliest horror/thriller films I’ve ever seen. So strange. It was interesting, however, that the mysterious homicidal-maniac-apocalypse-in-LA basically takes place during the day. Everyone can get a decent night’s sleep, because the weird stuff is only going to happen while the sun is up.

Why did I struggle with this movie?
• The idea behind the weirdness is never really shared with the audience. If people are getting crazy and killing each other, but aren’t turning into zombies, and we’re hoping SOMEONE will survive, shouldn’t it be at least mentioned why or how this happened? So someone can stop it? I need resolution, people!
• The random people in the yard. Why were they staring at the sky? Why can they talk like normal people 8 seconds before they bash you on the head and gouge out your eyes? Where do they go when they’re done?

I think it’s mostly the dozens of questions that came up, and the fact that NONE OF THEM were answered, that makes me craziest. The character development was decent, and while the script was pretty cheesy and contrived, there were some zingy one-liners that I was able to appreciate. It’s funny, to a point…not a full-on comedy, but when the guys are taped up with books and screenplays running across the street to find food, and Tommy picks up a fallen page from one of his comrade’s screenplay armor pieces, and continues to trot along, I laughed. Out loud.

Scream Meter: 1/10 Maybe. I think I jumped, once, or maybe not. Yeah, I guess I did. When people randomly show up in front of windows after a quick cutaway shot, and their arrival is announced by some kind of a bang, I jump.

Man Meter: 5/10 there was violence. It’s funny. But it’s not very good.

Overall Rating: 4/10 Just didn’t do it for me. Some positive elements, but in general, it was pretty meh. I guess it fits into my preconceived notion of what a festival film would be BEFORE coming to experience the festival.

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