Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on the opening film for the 2014 Phoenix Film Festival.


Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke
Ruth Wilson as Katrina
Andrew Scott as Donal

Written and Directed by Steven Knight

Synopsis: Ivan is a construction foreman, and we meet him on the eve of the biggest job he’ll ever complete. Unfortunately for ivan, some life choices will put things in motion and change his life forever…all in one late-night drive to London. FYI: Ivan is the only person we ever see.

This movie comes out April 25th, and if it’s playing near you, I encourage you to go see it. It’s not a film that could be considered a blockbuster, or a tearjerker, or a multimillion-dollar production. It’s more cerebral than that. It brings out some really deep, searching questions that I think are important for people to consider, and to really search themselves in terms of what reactions that life situations will create. How do our actions and choices shape our futures?

Key scenes:
• Ivan and Donal’s conversation about finding someone to help fix a particular situation. Well-timed levity, Mr. Knight! With all of the stress and negativity on the screen up to this point, some laughter was crucial.
• Every time Ivan speaks with Bethan. There are emotions, but also practicality. I think the character’s strength in his convictions really helps him to be honest, and it isn’t cruel, at least when you see it from Ivan’s perspective. Should he maybe share more emotions in this situation, or are they even necessary?

This is hard to write, guys…I’m very excited about what I saw, and I think there are a lot of really important themes that can be addressed, but NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN IT YET. So I’m going to encourage you to see it when the opportunity arises, and then tell me what you think! Let’s get a discussion going!

Weepy Meter: 1/10 This guy is really in the shit. Absolutely EVERYTHING is falling apart. You really feel for him. When he does emote, you come close to joining him, because he just doesn’t show it at any other time in the film.
Man Meter: 5/10 It’s Tom Hardy, so that’s a big draw. It’s not filled with action or violence, so that’s a drawback. Again, it’s one to be discussed. You can learn a lot about your man by talking about this film with him. Hopefully he’s not just a big meathead that can’t handle deeper scripts…you have better taste than that.
Overall Rating: 7/10 I was able to glean some fun background information during the Q&A session once the film was finished. Really neat stuff happened for this film. I really hope it shows up in the Trivia section of IMDb once it’s widely released. I enjoyed seeing Hardy, who has been slightly typecast as the big tough guy in a lot of films, do an 85-minute character study. A unique, and positive, change; it shows his versatility as an actor.

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