As promised, this comes from the AMC Centerpoint 11 in Tempe, AZ. Free movie night because I’m a Stubs member and a total geek. Loving this. I’m actually watching The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug, but I’m trying to do these in chronological order, so I’ll write about LOTR:TTT first. You’ll just have to wait for the review on this one (don’t worry…it’ll happen!).


Second verse, same as the first, with the following exceptions:
No more Sean Bean. Sad panda. Except he was bad. So maybe not so sad?
Karl Urban as Eomer, a man of Rohan
Miranda Otto as Eowyn, a woman of Rohan
Bernard Hill as Theoden, king of Rohan
Andy Serkis as Gollum, a wretch
Liv Tyler as Arwen, an elf
More folks playing Uruk-hai and other men, elves, and dwarves

Synopsis: picking up right where we left off from the first film, we rejoin Frodo and Sam as they travel to Mordor with the One Ring in their possession. Merry and Pippin are traveling overland as captives, and Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn are tracking them. The Fellowship is pretty much broken, but they are trying to stay true to their purpose. We meet more friends and even more enemies in the Two Towers, with some incredible scenery and sets to make this my personal favorite installment of the trilogy.

What else tips the scales?

• Horses. I grew up in rural Montana, and spent much of my childhood on my grandparent’s ranch. I learned to ride at a young age. There is something so majestic and regal about these creatures that watching them do anything—gallop, gallop in slow motion, prance, stand, eat—makes me happy. Best horse ever? Shadowfax. Brego is a close second.
• Helm’s Deep. WOW. The model was called a “bigature” (IMDb) because, while it was still a model, it was 30 feet high. Love that trivia! And what a cool battle! The end is the best. Damn you, Howard Shore, you and your dramatic overtures!
• The scene with Saruman and Grima atop Isengard when the army of Uruk-hai is first shown. There was nothing quite like it, especially in the theater with surround sound booming. I think a tear rolled down my cheek, too.

Weepy Meter: 8/10 Again, I’m in the quadruple digits. I don’t think I can STOP. I think I need to be medicated. But it’s SAD, y’all! People die! The scenery is magnificent! The music…! Ugh.
Man Meter: 7/10 Long, but full of action. Lots of fights. Have you convinced him to join you in a LOTR marathon yet? Because you need to stop wasting your time if he denies the palatability of such a weekend. What could be better? Oooh! OOOH OOOOH! Pick ME! The EXTENDED VERSION is better! That clocks in at around 4 hours per movie. Hope you have a comfy couch and stock in Kleenex ® brand facial tissues.
Overall Rating: 10/10 Powerful in so many ways. I love seeing the different factions of Middle Earth standing together against the common enemy. Oh man…fangirl is soapboxing. Better get me something for that…

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