Daniel Craig as James Bond
Eva Green as Vesper Lynde
Mads Mikkelson as Le Chiffre
Judi Dench as M
Directed by Martin Campbell

Synopsis: The apparent prequel: how James Bond came to be. His first major assignment once reaching Double-0 status doesn’t go too well, but it leads into another, more compelling and dangerous. Bond’s task is to defeat Le Chiffre (Mikkelson) in a high-stakes poker game, because Le Chiffre is acting as a private banker/investor to various terrorist groups around the world. Since the British government is paying for Bond to play in this tournament, if the bad guy wins, MI-6 will be financing terrorism. Probably not the best plan. Enter some allies and nasty henchman, and you’ve got a great new vehicle for Craig’s rendition of the superspy.

Great start for Daniel Craig in what might be the most intimidating role in the history of film: how exactly does one play Bond? I think each of his predecessors gave something valuable to the character, but Craig’s athleticism and singleminded attitude really help him to shine in the part. What’s fun about this movie, the 21st in the Eon list?

• The parkour (free-running) scene. Holy crap. Never seen anyone do those types of things before…at least not without hurting themselves.
• The plot twist. It’s amazing how easily people can turn against you.
• The final meeting between Bond and Le Chiffre. Beautiful body, HORRIFYING acts of violence committed against it. Ugh. That might explain a few ideas about little Bonds running around the planet, though…
• Score and locations. All beautiful.

Weepy Meter: 1/10 I cried, but you know me…when people hurt, I feel their pain.
Man Meter: 9/10 It’s awesome. Violent. Suspenseful. Action-packed. I bet he owns this one.
Overall Rating: 8/10 Not really a fan of Eva Green; she’s a bit too much for me.

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