Nicholas Hoult as R
Teresa Palmer as Julie
John Malkovich as Grigio
Directed by by Jonathan Levine

Synopsis: as is usual, the zombie apocalypse has come and gone, and humanity is left in the rotting aftermath, hidden behind a massive wall to protect anyone who is still warm from those that have gone cold. (Boom, baby! And I’ve got more…) The only thing that humanity does not yet realize is that some of the zombies are waking up. They’re not all brain-craving monsters. But there are some zombies that have moved towards a more lasting transformation, called bonies, and they don’t care what’s moving around—zombies or humans—they just want to eat them. Thus begins the final battle for humanity.

Well, not really…it’s nothing so dramatic. It’s actually kind of a zombie chick flick, which is ironic for me and this blog, but I think the zombies and dry humor outweigh the romcom aspect. It’s cheesy, and John Malkovich is FAR too subdued to be considered John Malkovich (I really like him best as Cyrus the Virus, because he’s freaking crazy), but there are plenty of strengths to recommend it:

• Nick Hoult is a great voice-over actor. He’s not bad at the grunting and stumbling either.
• The whole idea of stealing memories whilst consuming brains. Maybe it’s the romcom drift of the film, but wouldn’t you think there would be more appealing memories to take than someone’s own death? If I was a zombie, I think that would really depress me, and make me not want to do much more than…eat brains…ugh. I could never be a zombie. I’d feel so bad!
• M and R’s conversation before they lead their gang to the walled city. I’ve never laughed at zombies so hard in my life (well, maybe at the ones in the Walking Dead maze at HHN…cuz they’re SCARY). Who knew the undead could be so witty? That was a great scene.

Weepy Meter: 2/10 It’s cute, but they’re zombies. Can zombies find love? Apparently, but it’s not cute or romantic…more about making sure they abstain from the wrong brains.
Man Meter: 1/10 Doubtful. Unless he’s a purist, in which case he’ll want to see zombies. The makeup is pretty awesome.
Overall Rating: 6/10 Fun, with a touch of violence, and maybe a little gagging during the spill-your-bloodless-zombie-guts romance scenes. I’ll see it again.

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