Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson
Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes
Andrew Scott as Moriarty
Directed by Paul McGuigan

Synopsis: Sherlock is bored. His needs something, ANYTHING, to stimulate his hyperactive, highly superior brain. Enter a “gas leak” explosion and Mycroft with a new case; then Lestrade with one of his own (which, of course, is Sherlock’s priority, because why would he EVER choose Mycroft over others?), and suddenly the mood inside 221B lifts astronomically…the game is, as they say, ON!

This is a great episode. Not going to waste your time with a more detailed breakdown. Just the fun stuff, then you’ll be on your way to watch. Trust me.

• Sherlock is a total grammar Nazi. The opening scene kills me. I think I make the same faces when my students start speaking in class after summer break is finished and they have to participate in the real world without text-speak. Weren’t/wasn’t, learned/taught…why do people think it’s acceptable to TALK like this?!
• John’s continuing argument for humanity over ego, and Sherlock thinking he’s being a friend to Molly. SUCH A DICK. And a show-off. Too bad he’s hot, because he’s really repulsive.
• All mention of the blog. It makes Sherlock so CRANKY!
• How the HELL does Moriarty do these things?!
• Mark Gatiss wrote this one. He’s brilliant. He should write them all.

Weepy Meter: 0/10 Too suspenseful. No, I didn’t cry. Not once. Shocked, are you? Get over it. I’ll be back in top form for Season 2.

Man Meter: 8/10 He should take some lessons about brutal honesty from the way Sherlock treats Molly, and NEVER DO THAT TO YOU OR ANYONE. Don’t fangirl.

Overall Rating: 10/10 Great way to end 1 and usher in 2. I’m very pleased. Hmph. I really think these are my people and London is my home. Now to get there and assimilate…donations welcome!

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