Pretty sure the NSA is gonna flag my blog because of this post. Hmm…note to self: remove tags that relate to guns, drugs and gang violence.


Karl Urban as Dredd
Lena Headey as Ma-Ma
Olivia Thirlby as Anderson
Directed by Pete Travis

Synopsis: in a semi-post-apocalyptic future, the gigantic megacity, which stretches from Chicago to Washington, D.C., is overrun with crime. Duh. It’s semi-post-apocalyptic. Because of all of the gangs and drugs and the fear for basic human safety, and the serious overpopulation of the megacity, the police force is big-time outnumbered. Enter the Judges, in charge of not only arresting perps (classy lingo, eh?), but also distributing sentences (i.e. executing the transgressors). Life gets interesting when Dredd is saddled with a rookie Judge in the middle of a lockdown gangland drug war.

Such a silly movie, but if you’ve seen the original, you can appreciate the lack of story because of the fun effects and gag-inducing violence. And there is PLENTY of that! People get…hmm…well…you know, I’m not gonna give you all the details. People get dead. But it’s TOTALLY fake and hilarious. It’s really hard to see Olivia Thirlby on-screen without thinking “honest to blog?”, but I make it work.

Fun bits:
• The fact that Dredd never takes his helmet off. Thank you for staying true to the comics, Mr. Urban. Even
though we wouldn’t mind if you did. You are less plastic than your predecessor.
• Lena Headey all tatted and scarred and gross. Such a beautiful woman! You’d never expect to see her as a nasty
drug lord with bad teeth.
• Breaking out the big guns. Love that there are numerous gangs and Ma-Ma inside this 200-story superblock, yet
it takes three machine guns to take out two judges? I love it.\
• Sparkly stuff when people are under the effects of the slo-mo drug. This was pretty bad-ass in 3D.

Weepy Meter: -45,000/10
Man Meter: 10/10 Guns. Violence. Gore.
Overall Rating: 5/10 But I still love it. I’m pretty sure you’ll hate it, but you gotta try it. Just once.


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