Matt Damon as Max

Sharlto Copley as Kruger

Jodie Foster as Delacourt

Alice Braga as Frey


Directed by Neill Blomkamp


Synopsis:  in the future, the rich really do get outta town: they live on a “space station” that orbits the earth, which is in pretty dire straits.  Disease and overpopulation have made it a pretty crummy place to be; most inhabitants are trying desperately to get to Elysium, where med-pods can actually scan your body and cure any disease or injury (provided your brain is still alive).

Enter Max, a former criminal who is now one of the desperate.  Max strikes a bargain with a criminal mastermind (who’s also pretty handy with a computer) to get him to Elysium and change the status quo, while simultaneously getting to a med-pod to cure all his ills.  Then Frey and her daughter enter the picture, as well as a crazy assassin hired by the defense director of Elysium, and things get dicey.  Go figure.

Blomkamp is political (see District 9).  His films are political.  But his politics aren’t there to piss people off (like actual politics).  The director brings up the tough questions that we as a society don’t really want to discuss or deal with.  Both Elysium and District 9 are painful to watch in that the way people treat each other is pretty disgusting.  Granted, one movie is centered around the plight of an alien species and the other of desperate humans, but they both point out that there’s a definite elitist attitude about how we see one another.

But who doesn’t like a bald, buff Matt Damon?

  • The technology in this movie is amazing.  Killer exoskeletons, y’all!
  • Sharlto Copely is CRAY-ZEE.  Wow.  What a talented actor!
  • It’s fun to laugh at Jodie Foster’s weird pseudo-French accent.  Trying to show you’re better than everyone else?  Not gonna help you.  Just sayin’.
  • Bill Fichtner is great.  His character is an a-hole in this movie, but he’s just awesome.

Weepy Meter:  1/10       There’s that whole idea of overcoming adversity that pushes me over the edge.  Plus it sucks to see people, children, or animals suffering.  My heart is too big for this crap.

Man Meter:       6/10       Great weapons, some blood, guts and gore.  And awesome fights.

Overall Rating: 7/10       I love the premise, and it’s superbly shot.  It lacks a little something, but Matt Damon makes up for most of it.


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