Matthew Davis as Mike

Michael Grant Terry as Tim

Betsy Beutler as Cindy

Colby French as Nick Steele


Synopsis:  A group of wayward individuals (not really sure if we can call them teens or not; they’re just too old for that) congregate at the local bowling alley.  Some green, biohazard material manages to infect a case of ice cream base for a soft-serve machine, and all the members of the gang eat said soft-serve.  Suddenly, the world is weird.

Since I love the horror genre, this film piqued my interest.  But it’s not scary at all.  The idea of zombies as normal is pretty new, so there’s a lot of fun to be had with this story line.  The cast is basically a group of nobodies, save Matthew Davis (Blue Crush, Legally Blonde) and a couple of other names that have played minor roles in big movies, but I think this adds to the fun.

What’s so great about it?

  • The color scenes vs. the black-and-white.  Color is reality for the rest of the world, black-and-white is reality for the infected (soft-serve ice cream?  Definitely a new vehicle for spreading plague…).  The zombies are normal speed and can communicate with one another, while the real people are functioning at extreme high speed.  This is hysterical.
  • Zombies apparently have feelings.  When Cindy kills her cat, she flips.  So great!  Except, of course, for the animal cruelty aspect.  It is a movie, so we take it with a grain of salt.

Not the best script, but I think there is some merit here for an indy-, cult-classic following.

Weepy Meter:  0/10.  Not even tears from laughter, though it is pretty funny.

Man Meter:       2/10.  I wouldn’t characterize this as a movie for any particular type of person, unless you really enjoy the horror and parody genres.  If you can get him to sit through it, though, he won’t hate it.  Even if he thinks it’s stupid.

Overall Rating: 5/10.  Not scary.  Not hilarious.  Not extremely well-written.  But entertaining enough.  I sat through it with my advisory class, loved it, and they seemed to enjoy it when I explained some things to them.  Or maybe they were just humoring me.  Hmm…well, if nothing else, I’ve taught them to not say rude things out loud.


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