Well, after a frighteningly long hiatus (life gets in the way sometimes, folks…), I have returned. And I return with a fun Indian soccer chick flick with John Rhys-Meyers. Life is good today. Except for the jolting realization that IMdB is no longer on my recent/frequent web sites list on my browser. That disappoints me. Terrible behavior.


Parminder Nagra as Jess

Keira Knightley as Jules

John Rhys-Meyers as Joe

Archie Panjabi as Pinky

Synopsis: Jess, a British Indian girl, lives in a suburb of London (ish; pretty sure it’s not actually London way out by Heathrow airport) and loves football; however, her ultra-conservative family will not allow her to play competitively.  She meets Jules, who helps her get a spot on an all-girls team, where she quickly shows her incredible talent.  Also against her family’s wishes, she falls for her white, Irish male coach.  Jess is in for it.

Fun, fun movie.  Kiera is almost believable as an athlete (thanks mainly to the cinematography during the match scenes).  Parminder is a gem, and you can almost believe that she’s a teenager (though she was about 27 years old when this film was released).

Great scenes:

  1. Jules’ dad trying to explain football to her mum using posh spices (see what I did there?  The irony…) and condiments.  Hilarious.  Juliet Stevenson is fabulous in this role.
  2. The wedding celebration.  I love Indian music.  Own the soundtrack to this movie.  Couldn’t help it…it’s just fun to listen to!
  3. When Jess and Pinky’s mum is yelling at them about how spoiled they are.  The addition of Punjab language into the script is so creative and fun.
  4. Joe shows up to Jess’s house, going to bat for her athletic talent.  Joe’s got balls.  Helps that he’s cute.

Since I am a fan of all things British (don’t EVEN get me started on Mr. Cumberbatch), of course I’m going to enjoy this movie.

Scream Meter:  a lowly 1/10, unless you REALLY, REALLY LOVE John Rhys-Meyers.  Then maybe a 4.

Buddy Meter:    3/10       It’s a chick flick, super-fun and cheesy.  Unless your pals don’t dig all things British.  In which case, watch it alone and enjoy it uninterrupted.

Overall Rating: 7/10       Fun, especially since I enjoy sports.  And England.  I seriously doubt that others will share my fascination, though.  But it is well-written and well-made.  I think you’ll like it.

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