Chloe Csengery as Katie

Jessica Tyler Brown as Kristi

Lauren Bittner as Julie

Christopher Nicholas Smith as Dennis

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman


Synopsis:  More back story!  We meet Katie and Kristi as young girls, living with their mom and her boyfriend.  Kristi has a friend, Toby, who becomes a friend (of sorts), but freaks everyone else out.  Eventually Toby becomes dangerous, and the little family runs to grandma’s house for some refuge and apple pie.  But things just don’t stop there, do they?

This one scared me.  A LOT.  I think because it had to do with little kids.  I don’t like it when the supernatural (or whatever you want to call it) messes with kids or animals.  Pick on someone who’s done bad stuff in their life, like the adults, why dontcha?  I like all the 1980s throwbacks, too; the funky décor in Julie’s house, the monster video camera, the fantastic 80’s clothes.

Great scenes:

  1. Bloody Mary in the bathroom.  Who hasn’t done this at some point in their pre-teen and teen years?  Well, I’d be willing to bet no one that I know ever got THIS reaction.  HOLY CRAP.
  2. The scene from the trailer that isn’t in the movie.  Sad.  I liked watching Kristi walk along the half-wall in the girls’ upstairs bedroom and JUMP DOWN 15 FEET TO THE KITCHEN, giggling the whole time.  Freaked me out the first time I saw it—so crazy!
  3. Toby messing with Katie.  While I don’t like it when kids are in danger (my maternal instincts can work for my students and fictional kids in movies, apparently), this was so effective in showing the horror of the situation, I couldn’t help but include it in the list.  Unbelievable.
  4. Toby messing with the babysitter.  Keep your sheets in the cupboards, y’all!

Scream Meter:  6/10       This one actually made me exclaim and gasp out loud, as well as hide behind my hands and partially squinting eyes.  It’s creepy.  Maybe because it’s filmed in such an ancient style (and by ancient, of course, I mean back when camcorders were the size of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, so the 70’s and 80’s) it seems more realistic?  Not sure.  But it’s scary.

Buddy Meter:    5/10       I don’t think I’ll watch it without other people around.  I know I saw it in the theater with friends (the infamous A and R; they’re my Halloween/scary movie buddies), and haven’t seen it since.  The sound effects really get me; I must be aurally sensitive.

Overall Rating: 7/10       I think this might be my favorite of the series.  There seemed to be more explanation of what was actually going on with the two girls (since it’s a prequel of the prequel, that’s logical, right?), and it really, truly scared me, more than any of the other three.  It evoked memories and stories from my youth, and staying up late reading those awesome teen horror genre entries, like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Christopher Pike novels and Caroline B. Cooney.  I started liking horror at an early age; apparently I was born too early.

But I digress…


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