This is in honor of my dear friends A and R, for continually recommending this to me and finally getting me to see it.  You were right.


Richard Jenkins as Sitterson

Bradley Whitford as Hadley

Chris Hemsworth as Curt

Written by Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard

Synopsis:  five college students jump in the RV and head out to the cabin in the woods for a weekend of debauchery.  We have our token couple, a recently single lady who’s being set up by the not-so-subtle couple with the new hot guy, and the stoner.  Since it’s a horror flick (right?), we know people will die.  How?  When?  In what order?  Well, Messrs. Sitterson and Hadley might have something to say about that.

When this was initially advertised, I thought, hokey slasher film.  I’m SO not going to watch this.

Then I started reading some reviews.  And listening to some chatter generated by those who DID go see it in the theater.  Suddenly, I was very bummed when it was no longer in theaters.  This was especially true after watching it on A and R’s brainy TV; it would have been GREAT on the big screen!  Obviously, when you read the plot summary, you have an idea of what’s really going on in this movie, and some lines/scenes seem contrived and silly, but it adds to the fun.  What a great concept for a movie!

Great scenes:

  1. Any with Marty.  Yes, he’s stoned, so he might be paranoid, but the dude’s hilarious.  “I’m gonna go read a book with pictures.”  Classic.
  2. Daddy (I think he was daddy, anyway) Buckner’s bear trap.  It’s a testimony to Jesse Williams’ posterior physique that a snatch-and-drag with a bear trap didn’t destroy his spinal cord.  Muscles are good.
  3. The elevator/cube pull-away shot.  Who knew there were so many things that people could be afraid of?  I did see some characters that were strangely reminiscent of other horror movies throughout the years, which of course makes sense…after you watch the special features on the DVD.
  4. Hadley (Bradley Whitford…Bradley…Hadley…he he he…)’s demise at the flippers of the merman.  What a great scene!  He HAD always wanted to see it…
    1. SIGOURNEY WEAVER!  Yes, Ellen Ripley, we’ll do whatever you say.
    2. Mordecai’s phone call to Hadley and Sitterson.  Absolutely hilarious.  Mordy!  Come on now!

The Cabin in the Woods was so much fun to watch!  I probably irritated A and R by commenting out loud the whole time (when I’m sick, I have no volume control.  I can’t keep stuff to myself), but I was so glad to finally get to see it!  The special features had some really amazing interviews; I was shocked at how many of the special effects were NOT CG.  Movie nerds totally get into this crap.  Try it sometime.

Scream Meter:  4/10       There are some shocking, make-you-jump instances, but because you learn about the back story before anything totally nuts happens, there’s a ton of dramatic irony, so you see everything coming.  Some of the monsters are scary, though.

Buddy Meter:    4/10       Again, if you jump a LOT during slasher movies, you might need a pal.  However, there’s so much more plot than just killing off the kids who have sex, drink, or whatever, that you’ll be intrigued and not all that freaked out.  Sleep was possible for me almost immediately after I got home last night (but that could have been the cough syrup).

Overall Rating: 7/10       This was a great movie.  I will buy it when I can find it for under $10.  Hot guys, movie magic, comedy, gore, blood?  It has EVERYTHING!


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