Katie Featherston as Katie

Sprague Grayden as Kristi

Brian Boland as Daniel

Molly Ephraim as Ali

Directed by Tod Williams


Synopsis: a prequel to its predecessor, Paranormal Activity 2 tells us the story of Katie’s sister Kristi and her family, including her new son, Hunter.  After a bizarre break-in where nothing goes missing, Kristi’s husband Daniel has several video cameras installed around the home; they also hire a Latina nanny for the baby, who tells them that something sinister is residing in their house.

The second installment of Paranormal Activity is quality.  The plot gives us some back-story to explain some of the craziness from the first film, and it also takes us in a new direction in terms of why the baby is involved.  The technology is greatly improved from PA1; while the night-vision camera was impressive for the time, it was a little limiting in terms of how the activity was recorded.  Adding security cameras to cover more of the house gives us a greater scope of the events that occur.

Great scenes:

  1. The basement climax.  HOLY. CRAP.  I still can’t watch it, which is stupid, because I just make up creepy stuff in my mind while I listen to the scene.  The sound effects are so great—I can feel the “presence” every time I watch this.
  2. Kristi’s experience in the kitchen.  So great.  I love effects that make me jump and the people on the screen run out of the room shrieking.  Super-fun.
  3. It’s cheesy, but I love the pool cleaner on the deck every morning.  Not sure why.

I like this movie.  There’s one scene that really pisses me off, and I think it’s unnecessary, but at the same time it increases my empathy for the Rey family.  I don’t like it when people (or demons) mess with animals, especially the animals that are trying to protect their family.  Again, I think it makes me more a part of the movie, but that in turn makes me more scared.  So I’m not sure, obviously how I feel about it.

Scream Meter:  5/10       This one definitely got me.  The basement makes me lose my mind.

Buddy Meter:    5/10       I don’t ever want to watch this alone.  But for reasons stated above, I think that I’m a bit of a wimp, so others might fare a little better.

Overall Rating: 7/10       I like it a lot.  I think it has more to hold the audience’s interest than the first one, and I became emotionally vested in PA2, because frankly, Creepy Katie just weirds me out.  The family aspect changes my interest level.


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