Simon Pegg as Shaun

Nick Frost as Ed

Kate Ashfield as Liz

Written by Pegg and Director Edgar Wright

Just when all of the walkers from AMC start to get a bit much, I stumble on this relic.

Synopsis: Shaun and his housemate Ed are day-to-day bums, Ed more so than Shaun, because he has no job.  As they bumble about in their small, safe lives, the city around them is going to hell in a handbasket.  Eventually they realize what’s going on, and while everyone thinks that the two boys are worthless and not capable of saving enough money for a trip to the shop for breakfast, they lead an expedition to try to save those closest to them from the impending Z-apocalypse.

I love this movie.  For some reason, the Brits just make quality film.  Even in the parody genre, it’s hard to find a crap movie.  Shaun of the Dead just makes me smile.  It’s absurd, it’s emotional, it’s downright silly sometimes, but it’s got a great script, and is just a great movie.

Why do I think that?  Let’s list some scenes, shall we?

  1. After the boys hear on the news that “removing the head, destroying the brain” are the two effective methods of destroying the zombies, they collect some random objects from around the house to take care of their first two.  My personal favorite is the wooden tree used to hang up coffee mugs.  That’ll destroy the brain if nothing ELSE does.  The clip at the end that shows the newscaster who created the quote is awesome.
  2. Shaun’s troupe meeting up with Yvonne’s troupe.  Yay for Martin Freeman!  (V. excited for The Hobbit, btw…)
  3. All of Bill Nighy/Penelope Wilton’s scenes.  These two just crack me up.
  4. Liz, Ed and Shaun taking on the zombified pub owner with pool cues to the tune of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”.  You can totally see the padding under his clothes, but it’s still hilarious.

Scream Meter:  0/10       Not scary.  Ever.  It might get a 3 for shrieks of laughter…

Buddy Meter:    2/10       You should watch this with a friend and create drinking games.

Overall Rating: 7/10       Quality parody, is this.  Cricket bats and golf clubs are clearly the best way to stave off the zombie apocalypse, and why wouldn’t you want to hole up in a pub?  Last days, man!  Enjoy yourself!


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