Sorry for the hiatus…volleyball season got crazy, then I took a couple of crazy trips, and I’ve been sick…so…I’m bringin’ it back hardcore with my next entry!


Katie Featherston as Katie

Kathryn Newton as Alex

Matt Shively as Ben

Brady Allen as Robbie

Directed by Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Synopsis:  we’ll go ahead and continue the story of crazy Katie, possessed by a demon that’s been attached to her family for many years.  We end up in Nevada with a new family, and a weird neighbor kid keeps coming over, which really bugs Alex, the daughter.  She and her boyfriend set up the family’s laptops to record the disturbances in the house; the Xbox Kinect is used to great effect as well.

Not my favorite in the series, but it keeps the story going in a positive direction (i.e. the plot doesn’t confuse anyone).  Again, the coolest new feature is the Kinect, which projects tracking dots around the room to pick up movement and translate it to the games that people are playing, but for the purposes of the movie, it helps to pick up EXTRA movement after the lights go out.  I’ll just say this:  there’s a LOT of activity in this house.

Good scenes:

  1. Any scene with Robbie, the creep-tastic neighbor kid.  He shows up randomly, he stares, he talks to the walls.  He’s great.
  2. Kinect scenes.  The green dots everywhere in the lower level of the house are really cool!  Obviously a good tool for catching ghosts as well, since it tracks movement.
  3. Super-skeptical mom getting freaked out.  Of course she’s not going to believe her daughter when she says what’s happening in the house, but then mom gets caught up in it and it’s really funny.
  4. Wyatt’s bath. OHMYGOODNESS.

I admit that I was, maybe not scared, but susceptible to jumpiness at surprising shots.  The ending was pretty cheesy, but what horror movie ending isn’t?  The kids are cute, which makes it that much more stressful; I really hate it when people mess with kids.  And animals.  This family has a cat, which stressed me out the whole movie, especially after seeing the second installment.  And, with all of these horror knock-offs, the end credits leaves it WIDE open for a Paranormal 5.  I mean, there’s going to be a Wrong Turn 5, so why not beat this dead horse too?

Scream Meter:  6/10       There was a lot of fidgeting and gasping in the theater.  It freaks people out.  I was nervous too.

Buddy Meter:    5/10       Only if you have issues with scary movies.  I love this genre, so I was perfectly fine going to see it alone.  I know a lot of people wouldn’t be.

Overall Rating: 5/10       It was fun, I liked the new gags, but the series is starting to get watered down and it’s getting boring.  The new technology helped bring the score up.


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