Since I’m specifying genres for the month, I’m going to change up my rating system as well.

Scream Meter: This is a rating of how scary the movie is. I love scary movies, so this rating will possibly be the opposite of the Weepy Meter—I’ll rate it lower than it might be for most people. If it really gets me worked up, I start to giggle; I guess that’s my coping mechanism.
Buddy Meter: In place of the Man Meter, this is the likelihood that you’ll need someone to watch it with you or you’ll never sleep peacefully again. I enjoy watching scary movies with friends because we get silly and get sarcastic when we’re scared and it takes away some of the fear. Plus, you don’t seem quite so lame when you drink and watch scary movies in a group as opposed to by yourself.

Enjoy the month of spine-tingling madness; it’ll be over soon! MWAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!


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