Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent

Heath Ledger as the Joker

Gary Oldman as James Gordon

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Synopsis:  the Bat is back, with an interesting notion stuck in his brain: it’s time for someone else to be the hero in Gotham.  He starts to like the look of Harvey Dent, especially when he gets another idea stuck in his head: it’s time to be with the woman he loves.  But then a scarred, makeup-and custom-suit-wearing madman shows up and throws the proverbial monkey wrench into Bruce’s plans for a normal life.

It’s my least favorite, but it’s still a great movie.  It’s violent, sadistic, and heart-wrenching all at the same time.  Heath Ledger has never been so brilliant in a role as this one, and even though his death may have played some part in his winning SO MANY posthumous awards, it was a very small one.  His interpretation of the Joker was completely perfect.

My favorite Joker scenes:

  • The two mini-movies that ended up on the news.  Apparently, Heath wrote, directed and shot those and Nolan loved them.  I did too.
  • The interrogation room.  His ability to inspire and point out madness in others is incredible.
  • Joker-as-nurse.  It’s so funny watching him walk out of the hospital, and then getting all frustrated when his little toy doesn’t work.  Brill.

What else did I like about this one?

  • The effects.  The semi-truck flipping ass over teakettle in the middle of the street blew my mind.  The Sky Hook scene was pretty awesome too.  And who can forget Harvey Dent’s face???
  • The twists and turns the Joker uses to turn the city in on itself.  So well-written!
  • The vehicles.  The Batpod is probably my favorite of all his rides in the trilogy.  We don’t really see its full capabilities until TDKR, but it’s introduced here and it’s awesome.

This is a really good passing point between Begins and TDKR—it gives us more insight to Batman as Bruce, and it leads up to the incredibly emotional performance in TDKR by Michael Caine.  It gives us more information on both Dent and Gordon, and helps us see that there is an end in sight, even though these movies are so awesome we don’t want them to go away.

Weepy Meter:  5/10       You’d have to be pretty cold-hearted to not feel some sadness in this movie.  There’s quite a lot of despair thrown around here.  And our boy Hans Zimmer is back.  So I bawled and sniffed and more.

Man Meter:       7/10       What is it I say about the Batman movies?  Oh yeah.  Batman?  Duh.

Overall Rating: 6/10       Not my favorite.  It just didn’t hit me on a gut level like the others.  But it’s still awesome.


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