It’s time for a new release, especially since I’m going on a strict Sci-Fi/Horror/Halloween diet for a month.  I think you’ll like this one…


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe

Bruce Willis as Joe

Emily Blunt as Sara

Jeff Daniels as Abe

Directed by Rian Johnson


Synopsis:  In the future, when time travel has been invented and actually works, the mob exploits it to send “undesirables” back to be killed off.  Loopers do the dirty work, but they’ll eventually close their own loop (i.e. kill their future selves).  Joe’s future self comes back, but instead of being killed and closing the loop, he escapes to exact revenge and tries to stop future events; Joe of the present tries to stop him and ends up changing things for the entire world, present and future.


This is a cool movie.  I was intrigued the first time I saw the trailer because I heard JGL’s voice coming from a face that resembled his own, but wasn’t quite right.  Plus, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt are awesome.  Then I learned a bit more about the movie magic employed to help the story along and I was even more intrigued.  I was worried at first, and there were a couple of issues that bothered me:

  1. Junior Gat, who keeps screwing up his job.  I swear there was a father/son relationship between him and Abe, but it was never discussed, developed or announced.  I really didn’t see any reason for him to even be in the film.  The other Gatman who attacks the unwitting threesome at the farm could have been the main Gat and I would have been fine with it.
  2. Bruce’s targets.  I know that he felt extreme remorse, as evidenced by his emotional breakdown after number 1, but still.  Don’t write stories about that.  Not cool. (No, I won’t tell you.  Go watch it.)
  3. Paul Dano.  I liked him better in Cowboys & Aliens when he was a simpering fool of a sheriff’s son.  This character was pretty awful.  I know Seth was useful to build up the reasoning behind what happens when a Looper lets a mark go, and it shows a bit more about Joe’s true nature, but he didn’t do the role justice.  Snotty faces do not a good performance make.

However:  these characters and odd script directions didn’t ruin it for me.  There was enough good stuff to keep the bad at bay, including:

  • Jeff Daniels.  I’ve liked him ever since Arachnophobia (which was a horrible movie, but he was great in it) and Dumb & Dumber (if you haven’t seen it, or think that Dumb & DumberER was better, please stop reading my blog right now.  We will never see eye-to-eye).  He had the two best quotes in the movie, and they were about 90 seconds apart.  Good role as a sent-back-from-the-future mob boss.
  • That adorable kid.  What a brainiac!  I loved his first conversation with Joe when Junior Spudman was creating a two-way communication device out of frog LED keychains.
  • Emily Blunt.  What a tough bitch (sorry, but she is).  And she is NOT afraid to do what she needs to in order to get what she wants.  That frog could come in handy in ALL sorts of situations.  But the best was when she shot JGL full of rock salt, right after he made fun of her.   Do NOT piss off a single mother with a gun, dude.
  • JGL’s contact lenses.  I need to get a pair of those…or was it the drugs?

Weepy Meter:  3/10       There are a couple of tough scenes.  I didn’t actually cry, but I teared up twice.  Maybe if I go see it again they’ll actually roll instead of just pooling in the corners of my eyes.

Man Meter:       8/10       Bruce Willis.  Time travel.  The Mob.  Blunderbusses.  You go stare at JGL and be intrigued by the story; he’ll go exclaim over the grossness following each Looper kill.

Overall Rating: 7/10       It’s a good movie.  Entertaining, solid script, intense characters.  The flashbacks might be a little bit much at times, but it’s a movie about time travel, so you’ll just have to get over that.

  • Side note: JGL co-executive produced.  So I think we’ll be seeing some fun stuff from him in the future, no?

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