Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Tom Hardy as Bane

Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate

Directed by Christopher Nolan

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think this is the best installment of the trilogy.  It ties up any and all loose ends to the Dark Night story.  It incorporates both predecessors.  It stands on its own.  It’s brilliant.

Now, you must remember, I am a complete sap.  I cry at damn near every movie I watch.  I’ve even teared up during episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  So what moved me to tears during TDKR?  I’ll only share the most random with you, because you can probably guess the most obvious:

  • Any time the theme is played.  Zimmer kills me.  It’s so not fair.  I look like a completely unbalanced moron.  I saw this for the first time in Hampstead with a couple of friends from the States, as well as a new friend I’d only met the night before, who I got to sit next to.  He’s a truly tolerant person, because when the old friends asked how much I cried, he said, “Yeah, I thought I heard you”.  I’m a little shocked that he didn’t point out my disruptive sobs DURING the movie.  Props to you, Z.
  • During the national anthem.  Yes, Bane, that IS a lovely, lovely voice.  I really liked how all background noise was muted during the song; it really helped set up what came next.  (Sorry, can’t share details on the odd chance that I’d spoil the movie for the two random people on the planet who both read my blog AND haven’t seen this movie.)
  • During Talia’s explanation of the whole sinister plot.  I really have no idea about why this happened; maybe it had to do with the fact that Bane had tears rolling down his cheek.  It could have been from pain, maybe from the pent-up emotions from his lengthy relationship with Talia.  Who knows?  But when a man like THAT cries, I become sympathetic.  No one cries alone in my presence.  Especially the bad-ass that kicked Batman’s.

Favorite scenes?  The whole damn movie (except for ONE teeny tiny part, but again, I’ll ruin it for those two random people if I reveal.  Someone dies, though, and I really don’t agree with how it happens.  It was lame).  But the shining stars in the velvet sky that is TDKR are:

  1. Bane beating the crap out of Batman.  There’s one jump-twist-head pound that made me exclaim something unintelligible.  Seriously.  Best. Fight. EVER.
  2. The plane ambush at the beginning.  So calm and calculated.  Plus, it’s the first time we hear Bane speak.  Incredible voice!  I actually heard Tom Hardy pull that out randomly during Inception; it’s very brief, but totally obvious.  So it’s definitely not dubbed or CG.  (1:24:00 in Inception, if you’re interested.)
  3. The lighting of the fiery Bat on the bridge the night before all hell breaks loose.  It implies so much hope for Gotham, and bolsters the strength of those who haven’t yet given up, you want to stand up and cheer (no, I didn’t.  But I did cry).

Weepy Meter:  4/10       This rating is so totally generous of me; if it were just for me, it would have gotten a solid 24/10.  I think I have a really sensitive nature, or the plight of good vs. evil moves me, or it’s Hans Zimmer (it’s probably mostly the music), but this really hit me hard.  So there will be a few of you out there who cry when Michael Caine cries.

Man Meter:       8/10       Batman vs. Bane.  Fighting.  Kick-ass vehicles.  He’s already seen it.

Overall Rating: 9/10       I told you it’s my favorite installment.  It’s so completely amazing.  Believe me; I saw it 5 times in the theaters.  This is not an experience you can have at home.  I can’t wait for the Dark Knight all-day theater marathon; I’ll be there 4 hours early to get my seat.  And 2 boxes of Kleenex.  And a garbage bag.  And a neon disclaimer sign to warn my neighbors of the sobbing they will be forced to endure should they choose to sit near me.  Well played, Mr. Nolan.  Well played.


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