No, it’s not a review.

My birthday is the 20th, and I have to say that I’m so excited that people are reading (and LIKING) my blog!

You know what would totally make my birthday amazing? I would love some feedback! Thank you all for liking, but I’d love to know WHAT you liked about it! I’m a teacher, so I love it when people have interesting opinions and ideas, and it’s great when we share them–open dialogue is fantastic.

Again, I know that I’m one of thousands of bloggers, and I’m not unique in that, but whatever I’m doing that you like, I’d like to get better at it! Thanks for finding me and reading my stuff! Good night, all!


One thought on “A Birthday Wish…

  1. And I promise, to all of you who are reading and liking, that I will return the favor. I hope to find fun stuff to read that will keep me motivated to write more and more!

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