• I’m writing this one on a charter bus during a volleyball road trip. This is the first year that I haven’t had to drive the 8 hours round trip after a half-day teaching and coaching. And being responsible for a team of high school girls. It’s a welcome escape to be able to write and let someone else worry about driving in the dark! So I choose…


Sam Neill as Dr. Weir

Laurence Fishburne as Capt. Miller

Joely Richardson as Lt. Stark

Kathleen Quinland as Peters


Synopsis: the Event Horizon is a spaceship that disappeared for a number of years, and is rediscovered at the far reaches of the universe by a science vessel. The Horizon is unresponsive at first, but as the crew of the science ship continues their recovery operation, they realize that there is a LOT more going on inside the ship than they originally supposed.

This is one of THE scariest movies I’ve ever seen. I LIKE scary movies. I do horror movie marathons and haunted houses around Halloween. I’m a total geek about being scared. And this was SCARY. I will never forget the last time that I saw this movie—it was about 15 years ago, the movie was showing on T.V., I was at home with my parents and brother on a Sunday afternoon. I spent the majority of the movie hiding behind a pillow. At 2 p.m. Yeah. I was NOT having fun.

That was the only time I’ve seen this movie.

But it was so memorable that I have to share my thoughts with everyone so that you can give it a shot and see if you get as freaked out as I did. (Seriously. Tell me how you feel after you watch it. I need to know if I’m the only crazy person who got scared by this.) What could I have possibly liked about a movie that I could barely watch? Several things.

• The cast. Sam Neill is great in basically everything. He pulls off the role of Dr. Weir impeccably. You even sympathize with the character a bit. Laurence Fishburne is the same amount of brains-and-brawn awesome as he is as Morpheus. Great support from Richardson and Quinlan as well.

• The grossness. You will never see barbed- or razor wire the same again. EHHHHHHH. Those are the images that stay with you forever. Even when you’re hiding behind a pillow.

• The sci-fi story. There’s something so fun about watching a movie that we know will never ever happen, but COULD. And because of that, there is really nothing scarier THAN a sci-fi movie. Horror flicks are all about gore and shock value. Sci-fi shows us stuff that doesn’t actually exist, so it can be absolutely terrifying because we don’t know anything about it. Creep-tastic.

I can’t list favorite scenes from Event Horizon because I don’t have any. It’s just too disturbing. So I’m going to leave you with a quote:

“Do you see?” 

I guarantee you will.

Weepy meter: 0/10 Even I’m not that pathetic. I’d change the channel before I’d get so scared that I’d start crying.

Man meter: 6/10 If he’s into sci-fi, he’ll dig this, because there’s a LOT of violence to add to the mix.

Overall rating: ??? I don’t even know if I liked it. Scary as hell.


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