I had a comment from a friend about this new endeavour.  Glad to hear she enjoys it; I write the same way that I talk, so you could technically read this aloud with a lot of sarcasm, and it would be just like me talking to you about a movie in the same room.  (Choose an artsy, melodic voice.  It’ll be more fun.)  She did, however, give me a couple of ideas:

1.  Pictures.  I’m working out the details of how to make this work without copyright infringement, but I agree; it might be helpful to get at least a screenshot or movie poster with each film I write about to help you know what to look for on Netflix/Amazon as you shop for the next great film find that I will inevitably lead you to.

2.  Synopsis.  Taken care of.  I’ll put it at the beginning to help you decide if you even want to read the rest of my blathering.  You will, I’m sure, because I’m so terribly witty.  But this is a failsafe.

Thanks, nerdy science mom.  You’re awesome.  the JP trilogy will be included soon.


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